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Summer Performance Programs

All Program Dates June 10th – August 23rd

High School Full Training Program

Strength and Speed Package for the advanced athlete (3 years experience). Great for athletes who like flexibility in their training. Click To Play Video

Semi-Private Groups (Max Group Size of 6)

An in-depth package that begins with activation techniques, strength and speed training based on time, not repetitions, to keep athletes in the correct training zones. Techniques to increase parasympathetic response for better recovery. Stretching, soft tissue, nutritional and recovery techniques. Click To Play Video

Semi-Private Tuesday Thursday

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All Speed Groups

In the ALL SPEED Training group, the athlete’s goal is to increase overall speed through the rapid acceleration and deceleration of
body weight movements, over speed movements, and movements with light external loads.
External loads include:
  • Medicine Balls
  • Resistance Bands
  • Light Dumbbells
  • Resistance Cord Sprints Jumps and Lateral Movements
This program can be complementary to your Full Strength Strength program OR it can be used as your main program for building speed and athleticism. It’s also a great way for youth to get acquainted with the weight room. Click To Play Video

All Speed Tuesday Thursday